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We offer quality wound care supplies to help combat the ever growing chronic wound problem in the United States.

Our Customer UWoundCare has this to say:

"As evidenced by over 8 million chronic wounds in the United States, our wound care system ineffective and inefficient despite numerous providers intending to address the problem. With 3.44 million nurses in the USA, only about 200,000 are certified in wound care. Not saying every nurse does not try and achieve the highest outcomes, there is a lot of specifics to know about wounds, assessment, treatment, changes to treatment and a plethora of dressing options in the market today.

“There are currently only about 1,000 fixed bricks and mortar wound clinics in the U.S. or about 20 per state. Furthermore, patients are expected to go in person to a clinic or hospital to get treated. The $ 30 Billion and growing problem is insane, by Albert Einstein's definition. We expect to prevent a lot of chronic wounds and reduce this problem.” Bret Barker, MSN, RN, CCRN, PHN, CEO UberWoundCare, Inc.

Our team has decades of experience in hospital, wound care, home health, worker’s compensation, hospice and education.

The truth is about every 15 seconds a leg or foot is amputated resulting from chronic wounds due to diabetes. We can help manage these wounds by more frequent contact with trained staff using proven methods and materials. The cost of an amputation is high enough, not counting the human cost, loss of activities of daily living, reduced quality of life and likely shortened lifespan.

Biofilms exist in at least 60% of wounds and when out of control or infiltrating the blood stream, sepsis occurs. Sepsis is a serious condition resulting in 50% mortality rate. People are dying from chronic wounds which we can heal.

“We utilize telemedicine consults with experienced physicians to provide video consultation between the patient and the doctor, specifically so the patient can SHOW the doctor the wounds. From there a home health order is written and a home health agency nurse contracted with us can go out on demand to the patient's location. We utilize crowd-sourced nurses in addition to bricks and mortar home health agencies primarily due to a shortage of nurses in home health. We can get nurses who want to work 2 to 4 hours a week extra and help the problem while making some extra money. They are attached to the local home health agency to meet licensing and regulatory requirements and insurance billing but are not full-time employees of the agency. More boots on the ground and more frequent access to these providers are essential in resolving this insane problem”

We are focusing on correcting this problem and doing so economically. As the exclusive first order distributor to UWoundCare we hope to be part of your supply chain for rapid fulfillment of high quality evidence-based wound care supplies for the modern era.